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The Sydney Taiwanese School was started in 1991 by The Australian Taiwanese Friendship Association (ATFA). It was established with the purpose of providing a place for the learning of traditional Chinese Mandarin and to cultivate Chinese culture.

The school boasts a number of experienced tertiary qualified teachers. Classes range from kindergarten (ages 3½  ~ 5½)  to Year 6; international and adult courses are also available.

The school welcomes students of all nationalities with the aim of promoting the Chinese language in our multicultural society.

In educating the students, the following methods are used:

  • Teaching of traditional (non-simplified) Chinese characters using mainstream material.
  • Use of both Chinese phonetic notation and universal Pinyin system teaching methods.
  • Texts ranging from kindergarten to high school levels are sourced from Taiwan.
  • Inclusion of extracurricular activities such as public speaking competitions, essay competitions, poetry appreciation and story telling.
  • Computer aids for the learning of Chinese cultural festivals and songs.

    The school seeks to

    • Provide an environment conducive to learning Chinese Mandarin.
    • Develop students’ ability to read, listen, speak and write in Mandarin Chinese.
    • Promote and cultivate traditional Chinese culture.


北岸校區: St Ives High School Yarrabang Rd, St Ives

西北校區:James Ruse Agricultural High School, Felton Rd, Carlingford

Chatswood 校區: Level 6,8 Thomas Street, Chatswood

For enquiries, please email: or call 0420330888/0420330999

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